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By Philippe De Vosjoil

Simply because they do not develop as huge as eco-friendly iguanas and are inclined to stay docile, eco-friendly water dragons from SE Asia have surged in recognition. Sailfin lizards and basilisks with their dorsal and caudal crests are the main dragon taking a look of the lizards and make notable screens. This compact ebook bargains uncomplicated directions for elevating and breeding those awesome lizards. A needs to for an individual who has fantasized approximately having a dragon of their domestic. 31 pp colour.

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As display lizards, few can match an outstanding male double crested basilisk (Basilisc us plumifrons). Except for size, these lizards with their impressive crests, bright yellow eyes, even green to pastel green coloration and turquoise blue spots, look like the closest thing to a living dragon one is ever likely to encounter. Captive-raised double-crested basilisks, because of dietary deficiencies in plant pigments that contribute to the normal coloration, are often an even turquoise blue. Large scale breeding efforts are currently in progress for the commercial production of Basiliscus basiliscus and Basiliscus plumifrons so the future availability of these spectacular lizards seems assured.

9 pp. 152. 5. R. 1987. Captive propagation of the Chinese Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus). In Proceedings of the Northern California Herpetological Society's 1987 Conference on Captive Propagation and Husbandry of Reptiles and Amphibians. 6. A. 1985. Comments on the Maintenance and Reproduction of Hydrosaurus pustulatus at the Dallas Zoo. In Proceedings of the 9th International Herpetological Symposium on Captive Propagation and Husbandry. pp. 185-186. A captive hatched and raised Central American basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus).

REARING OF HATCHLINGS Similar to green water dragons except that males should be separated as soon as sexual characteristics and/or fighting becomes apparent. DISEASES AND DISORDERS Similar to green water dragons. A hatchling green basilisk hatched by the author. 30 Source Materials 1. Alcala, A. 1986. Guide to Philippine flora and fauna. Vol X Amphibians and Reptiles/Natural Resources Management Center. Ministry of Natural Resources and University of Philippines. 87-88. 2. Demeter, B. U. 1981.

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