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By Carleton Putnam

Putnam wrote Race and cause in 1961, on the top of the mixing and “civil rights” controversies, and it continues to be to today some of the most lucid, persuasive money owed of racial alterations and what they suggest for society. a lot of the paintings of the Southern resistance of the Nineteen Sixties is dated and frequently of historic curiosity; no longer this booklet. Putnam’s calm, balanced, authoritative arguments are as strong as ever. Putnam by no means overstates his case or drives his conclusions past what the clinical facts enable. His insights and parallels are as clean at the present time as they have been forty five years in the past.

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The inferior, in gaining what has not been earned, has lost the spur, and the superior, in losing what was well deserved, has lost the crown. Isn’t the United States supposed to be the great racial melting pot, calling the oppressed of all countries to its shores, and isn’t the Statue of Liberty their assurance of welcome? It is one thing to offer guests a welcome; quite another to have them take over one’s house, lock, stock and barrel. This is especially true when the guests have entirely different ideas about housekeeping.

I despise the man who wilfully and without provocation hurts the feelings of others. However, I have witnessed more of this sort of thing toward the Negro in the North than in the South. The South has no monopoly on bullies or unkindness. I am a Northerner and I sit on hospital and other community boards with Negro doctors and other estimable Negroes. Such people do not seem inferior to me. Let me point out that not only are these Negroes in no sense typical of their race, whose genes they nevertheless carry and will pass on to their children, but that most of them owe their ability to some percentage of white genes in their system.

At some point, all ability to discriminate is lost, all resistance to wrong ceases, all indignation dies, all evil is met with sobbing pleas which evil most naturally greets with contemptuous laughter, and the red death of a Godless communism settles on the earth. Let those of us who are Christians remember that while Jesus could weep, he also could take a lash to the desecrators of the temple. Aren’t you an extreme rightist? Not in the sense that you are probably using the word. We are too apt to catalogue people into right or left instead of into right or wrong.

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