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By Jeremy M. Wells, Gianni Pozzi (auth.), Gianni Pozzi M.D., Jeremy M. Wells Ph.D. (eds.)

This ebook offers a truly well timed account of contemporary - partially unpublished - examine at the improvement of gram-positive micro organism as vaccine supply autos for mucosal immunization. the sensible and theoretical concerns are mentioned and the fundamental suggestions at the back of the several techniques are in comparison by means of giving particular examples of using various non-pathogenic micro organism as vaccine cars. therefore, a typical framework of strategies for a brand new iteration of mucosal vaccines is provided.

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Two weeks after the inoculum >85% of animals were colonized, while S. gordonii could be no longer detected at week 8 (Fig. 11B). The concentration of S. gordonii in positive swabs was always high (between 103 and 106 CFU/sample) (Fig. 14), indicating an efficient colonization. Recombinant bacteria expressing the E7 protein were observed in vaginal smears by immunofluorescence through the entire period of colonization, indicating a stable expression of the recombinant protein in vivo during coloniza- Recombinant Streptococcus Gordoni for Vaccine Antigens GJ lOS'- a.

11. Colonization of mouse oral (A) and vaginal (B) mucosa by S. gordonii. Cumulative results with a single bacterial inoculum (10 9 CFU) ofwild type and recombinant bacteria. 33-35 Gram-Positive Bacteria for Mucosal Immunization 52 positive for expression of the heterologous antigens. 33-35 To study the bacteriallocalization, mice were sacrificed at different times after a single oral/nasal inoculum, and the oral, gastrointestinal and respiratory mucosae were carefully analyzed for presence of S.

Tion (Fig. 15). Bacteria were adherent to the superficial epithelial cells and trapped in mucous. 35 Vaginal colonization with recombinant S. gordonii induced significant levels of E7-specific IgA in the vaginal fluid, compared with control groups inoculated with either killed recombinant or with live wild type bacteria (Fig. 16). This IgA response was not dependent on the inoculum size, but on the ability of the bacteria to colonize the vaginal mucosa. As already observed with oral colonization, no local IgA response was obtained with killed recombinant bacteria, confirming that colonization is essential for induction of the mucosal immune response.

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