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He knew he was seeing it again. The picture on the nightstand was the last thing Rae saw before she turned off the bedside light. Leo, his arm thrown around her, grinning. They had just won the skiing competition at Indian Hills. Their combined times for the run had put them in first place. Rae had to smile at the memory. He had forgotten to tell her how to slow down. Hanging by a slender ribbon looped over the corner of the frame was the engagement ring Leo had bought her. m. The Japanese stock market had gone into a decline and the rest of the overseas markets had followed it down.

He asked, noting the sandwich she had brought back with her. She looked guilty. ” She was pregnant. James grinned. “Next time you go scavenging for something to eat, I’ll teach you how to make Manallies. ” Lace won the checker game and Rae rolled over onto her back with a groan. “Lace, you are a devious, underhanded, world champion of world champions. ” “Leo could beat me,” Lace replied, sliding the pieces back into the box. “Leo could beat anyone at anything,” Rae replied, pushing herself up and redoing the ponytail that was holding back her long hair.

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