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The RME and HQ Geotechnical Division efforts can, in general, be conducted concurrently. 03. 4 Geotechnical Report Review Process, Certification and Approval Requirements For geotechnical work conducted by the RME’s, the review process is illustrated in Figure 1-2. In that case, the RME completes and certifies the report (in this case, a Regional Soils Report), and sends the report to the HQ Geotechnical Division for review and concurrence. If the HQ Geotechnical Division disagrees with some aspect of the report recommendations, the HQ Geotechnical Division will work with the RME to produce an amendment to the Region Soils Report if necessary.

3 Geotechnical Information to be Included as Part of the Contract Geotechnical information included as part of the contract (as an appendix) for design-bid-build projects will generally consist of the final project boring logs, and, as appropriate for the project, a Summary of Geotechnical Conditions. Both of these items are, in general, provided by the HQ Geotechnical Division. If a Region soils report has been produced by the RME, the RME must provide the final boring logs and may be required to complete portions of the Summary of Geotechnical Conditions to include the information provided in the Region Soils Report.

The CONSULTANT shall submit the plan to the region project engineer and the HQ Geotechnical Division for review and approval. Upon approval, the CONSULTANT shall stake all boring locations in the field. The STATE will provide all traffic control for the field exploration. The CONSULTANT shall obtain utility locates prior to field investigations requiring digging or boring and shall field locate the borings or test pits relative to station, offset, and elevation. The __________ shall perform the field investigation, and the _______________ shall secure Right of Entry for the field exploration.

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