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The call for for mineral assets (iron ore, cement, etc.) has elevated considerably lately, a improvement that are traced again to the industrial progress of seriously populated newly industrializing nations. greater than fifty percentage of the entire global inhabitants is now attracted to an analogous assets. this alteration of constitution has prompted huge, immense fee raises on overseas commodity markets. In Europe this technique is usually spotted in shortages of a few mineral assets. nationwide mineral assets regulations play a decisive position right here, and constructing detailed regulations is essential to making a mineral assets method and making sure a aggressive mining undefined. This ebook discusses the mineral assets guidelines and techniques of vital mineral assets uploading and exporting international locations, examines the established order of ecu mineral assets coverage and places ahead proposals for the implementation of any such coverage for dialogue.

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445 485 487 494 500 503 517 613 613 614 XXIX Chapter 1 Introduction R aw materials mark the beginning of a value-added chain. In times of increasing globalization their availability is a precondition for prosperity, productivity and development of a country’s economy. Raw materials have always been needed for many purposes. Global demand had its origin in the Bronze and Iron Ages and increased exponentially during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. Worldwide demand for raw materials rapidly increased in the 20th Century, caused by the explosive growth of the world population and global economic productivity.

Base metals Manufacture of base metals and fabricated metal products, e. g. ). Machinery Manufacture of machinery and equipment, e. g. engines and turbines, pumps, agricultural tractors and domestic appliances. Electrical/optical Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment, e. g. office machinery and computers, electric motors, lighting, televisions, optical and photographic equipment. Transport Manufacture of transport equipment. A secure and cost-effective supply of raw materials for the industry is therefore a necessary prerequisite:17 Consequently, a minerals policy is of fundamental significance18.

Modern jet airlines, automobiles, and mobile phones require a comprehensive cocktail of innumerable raw materials. 1 Raw materials T his book specifically covers non-energy raw materials. These include metallic minerals, industrial minerals and construction minerals. Energetic raw materials, like crude oil, natural gas, brown coal, or hard coal are not discussed. In economic geology ores are defined as metal-bearing rocks and mineral mixtures from which metals or metallic compounds can be extracted by technical means and with economic profit.

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