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By Eugen Illenberger (auth.), Loucas G. Christophorou, David R. James (eds.)

The 7th foreign Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics used to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, U. S. A. , on April 24-28, 1994. The symposium endured the interdisciplinary personality and finished technique of the previous six symposia. Gaseous DielecIries VII is a close checklist of the symposium complaints. It covers contemporary advances and advancements in quite a lot of simple, utilized and commercial parts of gaseous dielectrics. it really is was hoping that Gaseous DielecIries VII will reduction destiny learn and improvement in, and inspire wider business use of, gaseous dielectrics. The Organizing Committee of the 7th overseas Symposium on Gaseous Dielectrics consisted of G. Addis (U. S. A. ), L. G. Christophorou (U. S. A. ), F. Y. Chu (Canada), A. H. Cookson (U. S. A. ), O. Farish (U. ok. ), I. Gallimberti (Italy) , A. Garscadden (U. S. A. ), D. R. James (U. S. A. ), E. Marode (France), T. Nitta (Japan), W. Pfeiffer (Germany), Y. Qiu (China), I. Sauers (U. S. A. ), R. J. Van Brunt (U. S. A. ), and W. Zaengl (Switzerland). The neighborhood preparations committee consisted of individuals of the overall healthiness Sciences study department and body of workers of the convention place of work of the Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory, and employees of the collage of Tennessee (UTK). The contributions of every member of those committees, the paintings of the consultation Chairmen, the curiosity of the contributors, and the recommendation of innumerable colleagues are gratefully stated. i'm particularly indebted to Dr. Isidor Sauers, Dr. David R. James, Mrs.

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D. L. SCHWEICKART: The calculations done by Nagpal employ a time-dependent solution of the Boltzmann transport equation using comprehensive electron collision cross section sets of Ar, CO, and N20. The calculations were first benchmarked to the electron transport data of the pure gases and were then extended to the mixtures for the studied experimental conditions. It should be noted that the electron energy distributions are different for CO and N20 over the EIN range of interest. Also, neither gas is strongly electronegative.

Schweickart, "The Measurement and Characterization of Charge Transport and Growth in Decomposition Gases from Electrical Insulation U sed in Low Pressure Environments", Dissertation, University of Texas at Arlington (1993). J. Dutton, "A Survey of Electron Swarm Data," Reprint No. 69 from Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 4: 577 (1975). H. Raether, "Electron Avalanches and Breakdown in Gases", Butterworth, Washington (1964). G. R. G. Raju and R. Hackam, "Breakdown Field Strength of SF6, N20, SF6+N2, SF6+N20," 1.

4 shows the /Jn data for five rnixtures plotted as a function of the parameter Pco for the selected Ein values. For reference, a thin straight line between the two Pco limits is included to represent the "ideal" partial pressure weighted values. None of the four lines generated from the linear, least-squares fitting routine are considered to be a good fit to the data, Le. 400. While the negative synergistic effect is not a large one, it is evidenced in the CO/N20 rnixtures from 275 to 425 townsends.

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