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I have pet rats and I allow them to interact with some of my cats. Precious, when she was younger, retained a strong hunting drive, but now that she is older and has been living indoors for seventeen years, her main focus is on getting as much attention as she can. Some cats will never be able to interact with “prey” animals safely. Others will mother these pets and treat them as if they were the cat’s own babies. To introduce a rodent, bird, or reptile to your new cat, hold the pet carefully and watch the cat’s response.

Try simply leaving the carrier open, with a soft towel inside, in a location where the cat is likely to want to curl up and sleep. You can also try playing with your cat in or near his carrier. Place catnip toys inside and even food treats. Once your cat seems calm around the carrier, try closing the door and then opening it again. Do this regularly, every day, closing the door for longer and longer periods until the cat can remain calmly in the carrier for ten minutes or so. Next, lift the carrier with the cat in it, and carry it around the house a bit.

As a kitten, my cat Shadow took unending delight in climbing into the IMPORTANT INTRODUCTIONS 27 refrigerator every time it was opened. Fortunately, he was always spotted and removed before the door was closed, but such has not always been the case with other cats. Cats have frozen or suffocated to death when trapped inside refrigerators inadvertently closed on them. Kittens are particularly curious and may easily climb inside, searching for the source of that wonderful odor their sensitive nose has detected.

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