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By Dan M. Goebel, Ira Katz

All through many of the 20th century, electrical propulsion used to be thought of the know-how of the long run. Now, the long run has arrived.This vital new ebook explains the basics of electrical propulsion for spacecraft and describes intimately the physics and features of the 2 significant electrical thrusters in use this present day, ion and corridor thrusters. The authors offer an advent to plasma physics so that it will enable readers to appreciate the types and derivations utilized in deciding on electrical thruster functionality. They then cross directly to current specified reasons of:Thruster principlesIon thruster plasma turbines and accelerator gridsHollow cathodesHall thrustersIon and corridor thruster plumesFlight ion and corridor thrustersBased principally on examine and improvement played on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and complemented with ratings of tables, figures, homework difficulties, and references, basics of electrical Propulsion: Ion and corridor Thrusters is an vital textbook for complex undergraduate and graduate scholars who're getting ready to go into the aerospace undefined. It additionally serves as an both beneficial source for pro engineers already at paintings within the box.

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