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By Alexei V. Demchenko (Eds.)

content material: Synthesis of 9-substituted sialic acids as probes for CD22-ligand interactions on B cells / Shoufa Han, Brian E. Collins, and James C. Paulson --
unusual sugars and their conjugates to average items / Wenlan Chen ... [et al.] --
Plant mobile wall glycans : chemical synthesis of the branched sugar aceric acid / Sergey A. Nepogodiev, Nigel A. Jones, and Robert A. box --
Iodoamidation of glycals : a facile guidance of 2-deoxy-N-glycosylamides / Cecilia H. Marzabadi and Michael DeCastro --
Stereocontrolled glycosylation : contemporary advances : [beta]-D-rhamnosides and [beta]-D-mannans / David Crich --
Stereoselective glycosylations utilizing chiral auxiliaries / Jin-Hwan Kim, Hai Yang, and Geert-Jan Boons --
maintaining teams in carbohydrate chemistry profoundly impression all selectivities in glycosyl couplings / Bert Fraser-Reid ... [et al.] --
Synthesis of N-5-derivatives of neuraminic acid and their program as sialosyl donors / Cristina De Meo --
2'-carboxybenzyl glycosides : a singular kind of glycosyl donors and their software to oligosaccharide synthesis / Kwan Soo Kim and Heung Bae Jeon --
Oligosaccharide synthesis with glycosyl phosphates / Jeroen D.C. Codée and Peter H. Seeberger --
Glycosyl thioimidates as flexible glycosyl donors for stereoselective O-glycosylation and convergent oligosaccharide synthesis / Papapida Pornsuriyasak, Medha N. Kamat, and Alexei V. Demchenko --
Sequential glycosylation innovations : a spotlight on thioglycosides as donors and acceptors / G.A. van der Marel ... [et al.] --
New apsects of glycoside bond formation : solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis / Richard R. Schmidt, Simon Jonke, and Ke-gang Liu --
Synthesis of carbohydrate antigens with regards to Shigella dysenteriae variety 1 and in their protein conjugates / Vince Pozsgay and Joanna Kubler-Kielb --
Enzymatic synthesis of glycosaminoglycans : enhancing on nature / Fikri Y. Avci ... [et al.] --
The chemical synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchors from Trypanosoma cruzi Trypomastigote mucins : exploration of ester and acetal variety everlasting retaining teams / Dmitry V. Yashunsky ... [et al.] --
Glycodiversification for the synthesis of neomycin and kanamycin type aminoglycoside antiobiotics / Jinhua Wang and Cheng-Wei Tom Chang --
Convergent N-glycopeptide synthesis / Katja Michael --
concentrating on galectin-1 with self-assembled multivalent pseudopolyrotaxanes / Jason M. Belitsky and F. Fraser Stoddart --
De novo synthesis of biofunctional carbohydrate-encapsulated quantum dots / Sergei A. Svarosky and Joseph J. Barchi, Jr.

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Standard ICT assay in HeLa cells comparing camptothecin (CPT) with Rebeccamycin-sugar derivatives 1, 3, and 6. 01 to 5 ig ofDNA on the blot). The blot was probed with anti-topo I antibody. Signals were developed using ECL and a short (1 min) exposure. (Reproduced with permissionfromreference 37. ) R = C H O H Doxorubicin 2 Figure 5. SAR ofDNR andDOX. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2007. ch002 24 tumors and leukemia (38). In addition to DNA intercalation, topoisomerase II (topo II) is considered as the primary cellular target of anthracyclines (39,40).

By using this method, four different types of deoxysugars were successfully prepared from one a, P-unsaturated lactone in moderate to good yields (Scheme 3). The major advantage of this method is that it allows the formation of uncommon sugars with both 3,4-cw- and 3,4-transdifunctionalities. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2007. ch002 Sharpless AD % R( 3 2 HO^S< ^ R, OH OH R R =HorCH 1( Na(CN)BH c/s-3,4-dihydroxy group were introduced Ri, R 3 = 2 H or C H 3 Scheme 1.

Nicolaou, K. ; Boddy, C. N . ; Winssinger, N . Angew. , Int. Ed. 1999, 38, 2096-2152. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2007. ch002 31 10. Northrup, A. ; MacMillan, D. W. C. Science (Washington, DC, United States) 2004, 305, 1752-1755. 11. Northrup, A. ; Mangion, I. ; MacMillan, D. W. C. Angew. , Int. Ed. 2004, 43, 2152-2154. 12. Andreana, P. ; McLellan, J. ; Wang, P. G. Organic Lett. 2002, 4, 3875-3878. 13. ; Kedenburg, J. ; Wang, P. G. Tetrahedron Lett. 2005, 46, 811-813.

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