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The petty bourgeois professor, harried German schol- by money matters, had been replaced by an upper-class academician with a large home and a maid. This change facilitated the establishment of an intellectual salon. It is from this position that Weber saw the residences of American uni- versity professors. The many, intellectual traditions and the accumulated scholarship of Ger- especially in history, the classics, psychology, theology, tive literature, philology, tury German And the clash of scholar a pre-eminent base two bodies of upon which intellectual to build his work.

Dangerous and, in the long run, irreconcilable with the nation It He an economically sinking more dangerous if those classes to therewith the claim for political authority in their leadership of the state. Interest of the holds political power in class whom shifting are politically is its hands. "^ German reoriented: Bismarck's treaty with Russia tunity for an alliance with Great Britain planless drifting resulted. and policies of defeats were thus was cloaked it was not seized, and was covered up by braggadocio, led to the political isolation of nation would not orient man It foreign policy was being was not renewed, the oppor- Germany.

Into conservative, liberal, ways of thought. having no opportunity to wield power, political parties, mained doctrinaire parties of principled and oriented towards special classes world views, each rather re- strictly Agrarian conservatives status groups. with Lutheran orthodoxy, urban merchants and bankers were in coalition with liberal professional intelligentsia sociology, he society. ^ when Ferdinand Tonnies published who men, socialist wage workers with a low-browed The get-rich-quick elaborated high-browed Marxism.

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