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By M. L. Crawford, L. S. Hollister (auth.), John V. Walther, Bernard J. Wood (eds.)

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Fig. 1 shows representative P- V - T data in the two principal ranges of interest. The low-pressure and -temperature region of the subcriticalliquidvapor (LV) equilibrium is of great value in determination of the densities of CO2 fluid inclusions by microthermometry and is well known from several experimental studies. Lines of constant volume (isochores) intersect the LV line as shown. Microscopic observation with a heating-cooling stage of the temperature of two-phase equilibrium (homogenization temperature) of a CO2 inclusion uniquely defines its density.

Mineral. Petrol. C. (1980) Phase equilibria in carbonic systems and their application to freezing studies of fluid inclusions. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 68, 303-306. C. (1965) The solubility of carbon dioxide in NaCl solutions at high temperatures and pressures. Amer. J. Sci. 263, 445-454. P. (1979) The measurement of the thermal history around the Grassy Granodiorite, King Island, Tasmania, by use of fluid inclusion data. 1. Ceol. 87, 43-54. B. (1983) Fluid-absent metamorphism. 1. Ceol. Soc. 140, 533-548.

Conditions of entrapment of fluid inclusions in metamorphic rocks, their compositions, and complexities introduced by postentrapment modification are different from those in igneous and hydrothermal rocks. This is due to the long time span for metamorphic processes and to the fact that the fluid phase never forms more than a minor component of most metamorphic systems. In metamorphic rocks, fluid inclusions trapped in growing minerals are rare and observation of several generations of fluid inclusions successively trapped on healed microcracks are common.

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