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In the mid-seventies, a brand new zone of study has emerged in subsurface hydrology, specifically sto­ chastic modeling of circulation and shipping. This improvement has been inspired by means of the popularity of the ever-present presence of heterogeneities in average formations and in their impression upon shipping and circulate, at the one hand, and by way of the big enlargement of computational strength supplied by way of elec­ tronic machines, at the different. except this, one of many components during which spatial variability of for­ mation homes performs a cardinal function is of contaminant delivery, a subject matter of transforming into curiosity and challenge. i've been really lucky to be engaged in examine during this zone from its inception and to wit­ ness the quick progress of the group and of the literature on spatial variability and its impression upon subsurface hydrology. In view of this expanding curiosity, i made a decision many years in the past that it'd be valuable to provide the topic in a scientific and finished demeanour in an effort to aid those that desire to have interaction themselves in examine or software of this new box. I considered as my basic activity to research the massive scale heterogeneity of aquifers and its impression, presuming that the reader already possesses a history in conventional hydrology. this can be completed in elements three, four and five of the textual content which include the pertinent material.

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It is seen that for D/d-+OO, o~ --+0 and we can assume that the requirements of the ergodic hypothesis are satisfied (Chap. e. the space aver- n and age the ensemble mean n are interchangeable. This result provides the theoretical foundation, in the statistical framework, to the definition of macroscopic variables by space averaging. In practice we shall adopt the fundamental relationship that on /n n=n even if a=D/d is finite, provided is sufficiently small compared to unity. 17), provided that it has an integral scale.

E. the total area of void-solid interfaces per unit volume of medium. e. for h(x,y,z), is straightforward. v and II is a unit vector normal to dA pointing from the void toward the solid (Fig. 2d). In words, the ensemble average of the gradient of h is equal to the density of oriented interfacial areas. In the stationary case, for constant n, the density is zero due to mutual cancellation. 7). In the three-dimensional case, it is not only the event of crossing by an interface which is random, but also the direction of the unit vector II.

2). Each higher order moment provides additional information on the geometry of the structure and contains the previous moments as particular cases. At this point the usual classification of porous media can be introduced. e. 2) are invariants to a translation in space of the points xl'x z' ... , they are invariant to a rigid rotation of the configuration points. Partial degrees of isotropy, like axisymmetric, can be defined' but in the context of natural formations anisotropy is encountered mainly at the local scale (Part.

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