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By John Manthey, Béla Buslig

The presence of contaminant flavonoids in diet C arrangements from citrus end result first and foremost led Szent-Gyorgyi and his collaborators to indicate flavonoid compound, with organic job for the prevention of capillary fragility, was once nutrition P. Later re­ seek, even supposing now not disproving organic task, discontinued using the diet class for those compounds. besides the fact that, the ever present distribution of flavonoids in dwelling organisms, and the continuing discovery of varied task in organic platforms makes those compounds pursuits of broad ranging research. This quantity is based mostly on a Symposium on Flavonoids and comparable com­ kilos held throughout the 212th nationwide assembly of the yankee Chemical Society held in Orlando, Florida on August 28-29, 1996 below the sponsorship of the department of Agricul­ tural and nutrients Chemistry. whereas the ebook isn't really meant to be a entire quantity on flavonoid learn, the papers offer quite a few techniques to exploring the organic features of flavonoids in crops and animals, their chemical adjustments for more suitable task, a few analytical thoughts, in addition to their use in foodstuff class. A signifi­ cant component is dedicated to medicinal implications of those compounds. The organizers wish to exhibit their appreciation to Tropicana items, Inc., Bradenton, Florida, Coca-Cola meals department, Plymouth, Florida and the yankee Chemical Society's department of Agricultural and meals Chemistry for monetary help. in fact, the publication couldn't be produced with no the authors, whose cooperation and dad­ tience is vastly appreciated.

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Significantly intact pollen has intrinsic RevGalTase activity. 5 and 20 mM) shows that formation of the kaempferol product (peak 3 in HPLC chromatogram) increases from 86 to 486 and to 609 pmol per mg protein with increasing UDP concentrations (Fig. 2, panels A, B & C). This result brings up the possibility that the germination attributed to kaempferol3-0-galactoside (Table 1) might actually be induced by kaempferol generated by RevGalTase activity. This hypothesis was confirmed upon incubation of CMF pollen 40 L.

The glucosides were stable in solution and formation of the aglycones proceeded only upon addition ofUDP. We have found a similar phenomenon in pollen: the forward reaction of F3Ga1Tase converts the aglycone to a galactoside and the reverse reaction liberates the aglycone from the conjugate. L. P. Taylor eta/. 38 3. 1. Gametophytically-Expressed Glycosyltransferases Produce Pollen-Specific Flavonols To reconcile the contradiction that aglycones induce CMF pollen germination but only diglycosides are present in WT pollen, a search for a 13-glycosidase activity in pollen that could generate kaempferol from kaempferol 3-0-glucosyl 1~2 galactoside was performed.

Chalcone synthase and flavonol accumulation in stigmas and anthers of Petunia hybrida. Plant Physio/. 1993 102, 925-932. M. Uridine diphosphate glucose metabolism and callose synthesis in cultured pollen tubes of Nicotiana alata Link et Otto. Plant Physiol. 1994 105, 65~70. ; Schneider, G. Plant hormone conjugation. Plant Mol. Bioi. 1994 26, 1459-1481. ; Grisbach, H. Free reversibility of the UDP-glucose:flavonol 3-0 - glucosyltranferase reaction. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 1975 167,444-447. K. Pollen germination and tube growth.

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