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By Israel W Charny

How does one successfully struggle suicide bombers? What probability do they carry for Western society? How do those who love peace reconcile the necessity for warfare? famous genocide specialist Israel W. Charny addresses those questions during this hugely own description of suicide bombings and terror because the establishing salvos of a 3rd international warfare. Charny first seeks to appreciate what makes suicide bombers tick, in addition to the tradition from which they emerge. Taking this figuring out of what he calls human evil, he then proposes a hawkish crusade that finally emphasizes peace instead of irrational fear.By deeming suicide bombing and terrorism as important topics within the research of psychology, Charny provides one more weapon within the conflict opposed to terrorism-a battle that he believes will in simple terms increase with out drastic motion. eventually, he demands a world crusade for all times led through non secular and secular leaders around the globe. He concludes the ebook with a vignette from Islamic tradition that speaks nobly to furthering peace and lifestyles.

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I do not accept this criticism because I believe the primary question is whether there is already an actual war under way between what I can call jihadist Islamic peoples and the rest of the world. The number of explosions and the numbers of dead and wounded to date do convince me that a war is on, and I don’t feel that I have to apologize for being either a bad how can they do it? 7 scholar or a bad human being when I express a point of view like Huntington and Lewis. The great majority, though not all, of the suicide bombings in our contemporary world are carried out by Muslims, often in the name of and certainly with the justifying rhetoric of Islam as a conquering, vengeful faith that will destroy all infidels and nonbelievers.

At the same time, I want to unravel convincingly an analysis and my conclusions that even when motivated by a cause, suicide bombers inherently are promoters of a fascist philosophy and methodology of dispensing death to themselves and to others; that their very actions translate existentially into betrayals and suicide bombing and its growing place in the world today 17 disturbances of all that is alive and normal; that whatever power they use fighting at times for just causes and to achieve what may be desirable political changes, they represent the darkest forces of death masquerading as a legitimate way for solving the problems of the living.

Can we try to understand the spectrum of these polarized viewpoints in depth and come to reasoned conclusions about our opinions that are more than reflections of our own ethnic and national backgrounds? THE PLAN OF THE BOOK The following is an introductory map to what we shall attempt to understand in some depth in this book. The Enemy Is a Culture of Death The book assembles the various information we now have about who the suicide bombers are, describes the dynamics and meanings of their actions, locates the legitimation for suicide bombers as well as the objections to them in Islamic 4 fighting suicide bombing theology, and analyzes whether or not they are crazy in our Western frame of thinking.

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