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Vijayalakshmi Acta Cryst. Norton Amer. Cryst. , Abstr. Sasvari Cryst. Struct. Norton Amer. Cryst. , Abstr. Bryant Acta Cryst. Kato Acta Cryst. (B), 28, 55. Kato Acta Cryst. Perozzi J. Arner. Chern. Weiss Acta Cryst. Weiss Acta Cryst. Klewe Acta Chem. Makarenko Zh. Strukt. Weiss Acta Cryst. Weiss Acta Cryst. Makarenko Zh. Strukt. Ramsoy Acta Chem. Hoffmann J. Amer. Chem. Hoekstra. Vos Acta Cryst. F. Krukonis j. Phys. , 75,1246. Hlavata Acta Cryst. Lajzerowicz Acta Cryst. (B), 28, 618,1972 Also classified in 32, 9 33 CARBONIUM IONS.

Abstr. Camellini Inorg. Hope Acta Cryst. Tani Acta Cryst. Molec. Rimsky C. R. Acad. Coppola. Watson Amer. Cryst. , Abstr. Plastas. Ammon Amer. Cryst. , Abstr. Papers (Winter Meeting), 31. Coiro. Giacomello. Giglio Acta Cryst. 12 Stilbamidine di(etbanol- 2 - sulfonate) dlhydrate CI~18N42+. $-. Courseille. Hospital C. R. Acad. , C, 272, 1115. 13 Hydroxy - stilbamidine di - isoethionate dihydrate CI~lsN402+, 2C:zHsOß-. Courseille. Hospital C. R. Acad. Barnighausen Acta Cryst. (B), 28, 1100. Romming Acta Chern.

Pharm. Schmidt Chem. , 104,3289, 1971 37 BENZOIC ACIDSALTS (AMMONIUM, IA, lIA MET ALS) No entries in this volume. C Potassium 4 - hydroxy - S,7 - dinitrobenzfurazan monohydrate C"HN 40I>- . I Potassium picrate C"H2Nth-. Palenik Acta Cryst. (B), 28, 1633. C Serotonin picrate monohydrate C"H2N JO,-. CIOH13N~+. C H~ tetrakis(Thiourea) lead(ü) picrate 2C"H2N JO,-. Lundgren Acta Cryst. C 2 - (2,3 - Dimethyl)butan - I - (2,3 - dimethyl)but - 2 - ene - methyl- sulfonium trinitrobenzene - sulfonate C"H~JÜ~-.

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