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Become aware of the area of gorillas and different primates -- their striking intelligence and social habit. here's a staggering and informative advisor to the lives of the good apes, monkeys and different primates. awesome colour pictures of gorillas, orangutans, macaques, baboons, lemurs and diverse different primate species provide a different "eyewitness" view of a few of the world's such a lot clever animals. See a superb silverback gorilla, the monkey with the largest nostril, how gibbons swing throughout the timber, multicolored marmosets and an afternoon within the lifetime of a gorilla relations. find out about the knuckle stroll, how a tail turns into a hand, why gorillas construct nests, which South American monkeys have the loudest name and the way orangutans bought their identify. become aware of why mountain gorillas are endangered, how chimpanzees converse, why ring-tailed lemurs wave their tails within the air, which monkeys can run like cheetahs and why pottos fall out of timber, and lots more and plenty, even more!

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52–53) might occupy an entire year in an orangutan’s social diary. Fatty nodule makes the head look larger YOUNG MALE Between the ages of 10 and 15 years, male orangutans like this one are similar in size and build to females. They become fully mature at about 20 years of age, and only then do they develop a throat pouch and cheek flaps. They also become bulkier and the hair on their shoulders and arms grows longer. Orangutans can live to be 60 years old. Cheek flap formed from firm, fatty tissue Large body weighs up to 200 lbs (90 kg) Cheek flaps on a Bornean male stick out at an angle Long hair makes the male orang look bigger than he really is FOREST PHANTOM An adult male orangutan is a strange looking animal.

But thanks to the work of a number of dedicated scientists and organizations, attitudes towards primates are slowly changing. Many countries are clamping down on the export of primates for the pet trade, and special sanctuaries have been set up to care for primate orphans.

Young orangutans must learn how and where to find food, and they have a long education in jungle living. 4 m) HANGING AROUND Orangutans are extremely versatile climbers. They have strong, hooklike hands and feet and use all four limbs to carry the weight of their bodies. Young orangs are lively and playful and enjoy practicing acrobatic feats in the treetops. ” GETTING THE HANG OF IT After carefully observing their mothers, then trying it for themselves, young orangs eventually learn to clamber and swing through the trees with confidence.

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