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By Margaret Coel

In Margaret Coel's all-new Wind River Reservation secret, a psychopathic killer has brutally murdered 3 Shoshone Indians and posed their our bodies on a ancient battlefield. Is his purpose to impress a civil struggle among the reservation's Shoshone and Arapaho population, or is his objective truly Father John O'Malley?

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She and Adam had been lovers now since the fall—lovers and law partners, a thin line to navigate, she’d argued, but Adam had tossed aside her objections. He wanted both, he’d said. He wanted all of her, and they would make it work out. “We have to talk,” he said. ” Vicky gestured with her head toward one of the side chairs, but it was clear that he had no intention of sitting down. She stopped herself from dropping onto her own chair and faced him across the desk. “You’d better tell me what’s bothering you,” she said, trying for a placating tone.

I’m just saying . ” The flashing lights sparkled in the man’s dark eyes. “You know that if Vicky had been the one to get that message, she would’ve been out looking around by herself, just like you. ” A procession had begun moving out of the shadows in the canyon: a line of men carrying three bags that bulged with the weight of bodies. The sound of boots on the snow and the low murmur of voices cut through the stillness. Groups of deputies stepped back, re-forming into new groups, as the procession came through the splash of lights, then moved off to the left toward the van that, Father John knew, belonged to the coroner.

Raven”—he gave a half-nod the tribal attorney—“this is a case of one man’s word against the word of three other men, who may or may not hold some kind of a grudge. ” The tribal attorney flinched backward, as if he’d been struck. “May I remind your honor,” he managed, “that Frank Montana has a record . ” 24 MARGARET COEL “I know all about Mr. ” The judge lifted one hand, then let it drop onto the bench top, making a loud, cracking noise. “You don’t have a case here, Mr. ” Behind her, Vicky could hear the labored breathing and a muffled sob.

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