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By Carlo Sini & Sylvia Benso & Brian S. Schroeder

First English translation of Sini's very important paintings at the impression of writing and the alphabet on Western rationality.

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1 Derrida is too philosophically sharp not to declare immediately, by the preface, that what he is going to do is “outside” all history of ideas, literature, or philosophy. The reason for this is obvious. These “readings” of reality are prejudiced by our writing, that is, by our “logic,” which is, as it seems, the product of the content of a determined graphic form. “Outside”—but outside where? What is the place of Of Grammatology? In what sense is its writing, or in what sense does its writing hint to, an archewriting?

As universal instrument, the alphabet allows for translatability into all languages. It posits itself in the service of communication among human beings and renders the immense continent of “literature” possible (starting with Roman literature, which imitated and transcribed Greek works); literature then provides the model for the education of Western human beings (the bonae litterae); today, this model is declining significantly, announcing a turn that disconcerts us and is hard to interpret. Since the beginning, however, Greek alphabet also opens up another immense continent, which Havelock neglects: that of right [diritto], that is, the problem of writing the laws.

The acoustic medium, being incapable of visualization, did not achieve recognition as a phenomenon wholly separable from the person who used it. ”41 Verba volant, scripta manent [spoken words are volatile, written words stay]. Havelock, however, expresses himself ambiguously. In orality one can recognize no “acoustic medium” (this is a notion proper to the logical mind, that is, to writing). The reason why one does not speak of language and [language] remains unnoticed is not its invisibility, the fact that it flows ungraspable in time rather than stay still in space.

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