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By Ylva Gustafsson, Camilla Kronqvist, Hannes Nykanen

Questions of ethics and the research of tradition are tightly interwoven. Are we to work out ethics as one thread within the cloth created via human tradition or does ethics particularly go beyond tradition? The discussions during this quantity occur inside of this spectrum. 11 Wittgenstein-scholars discover how ethics is embedded in daily actions and speech. the themes handled variety from the methods we talk about human practices and nature, spiritual trust, gender, and ethical realizing to questions on Wittgenstein's perspectives on ethics and what it potential to appreciate and attend to a specific person. relevant issues of departure are, to begin with, that ethics can't be lowered to any particular cultural shape and, secondly, that how we conceive of language is crucially hooked up with how we understand the relation among tradition and ethics. The issues of view positioned forth usually pose radical inquiries to the mainstream of philosophy. different makes use of to which Wittgenstein's proposal is placed additionally bring up vital questions on how one should still comprehend the function of language, ethics and tradition in his philosophy

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Several of the contributions to this volume bring out our personal responsibility for the words we use. Language is not constituted by a bundle of common social norms that we re-enact, but presents us with the task of clarifying to ourselves what it is that we say to particular persons in particular cases. Language does not speak. It is by saying things to each other that it is meaningful to speak of language in the first place. We constantly need to remind ourselves of this. Otherwise, we easily end up saying only things that just anybody or nobody would say.

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