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The booklet presents an account of English inversion, a development that screens confusing idiosyncrasies on the point of semantics, phonology, syntax, and pragmatics. Basing his crucial argument at the declare that inversion is a linguistic illustration of a Ground-before-Figure version, the writer develops a sublime way to a hitherto unsolved multidimensional linguistic puzzle and, within the method, helps the theoretical place cognitive procedure most closely fits the multidimensionality of language itself. Engagingly written, the e-book will entice linguists of all persuasions and to any reader eager about the connection among language and cognition.

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Givon 1976,1979). This question will be addressed by the GbF cognitive model developed in the next section. But the GbF model is not only able to provide an a priori reason for inversion; it also offers a unified basis for the classification of inversion, with a prototype and two major extensions from the prototype. Section. 1 is thus devoted to the discussion of the GbF model. Section 2 applies this model to the locative plus be type, arguing that the LOC BE type is the prototype of inversion.

More recently, Malt (1996) demonstrates that the category of water is also radial and, more importantly, her subjects rate the waterness of various water-like liquids not according to the chemical composition of these liquids, but according to their experience with them. The study of linguistic categories had traditionally concentrated on nouns, but it has extended to the study of other categories. For instance, Hilferty's (1999) analysis of though, Takahashi's (1999) work on English imperatives and passives, Langacker's (1993) elucidation of possessives, Radden's (1996) study of coming and going, Horton's (1996) treatment of the copula, all have either demonstrated that these constructions are radial categories or assumed that they are.

Either variant is capable of combining with the passive participial morpheme, which imposes an atemporal construal of the process designated by the verb stem and assigns trajector status to its primary landmark (irrespective of semantic role). Hence the passive participle given also has two semantic variants: complex atemporal relations in which either the mover or the recipient functions as trajector. From the latter variant, a sentence like Jill was given a bracelet by Jack is assembled... (Langacker 1991: 467) The concept of variant entails a choice - speakers can choose one variant over another according to a host of considerations.

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