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Eyewitness: Endangered Animals takes a glance at creatures worldwide which are presently threatened with extinction, in addition to the ways in which we will support them continue to exist. beginning with an outline of biodiversity and the net of lifestyles, the booklet then examines the threats dealing with a variety of species, together with polar bears, sea turtles, tree frogs, river dolphins, jaguars, pandas, gibbons, and the California condor.

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Today, the fungus is attacking native amphibians almost everywhere. Only Asia has, so far, escaped the problem. Microscope image of chytrid fungus growing in a salamander’s skin Folds on skin allow for more absorption of oxygen from water LARGEST OF THE LOT The Chinese giant salamander is the largest species of amphibian alive today. 8 m) and lives in mountain streams, where it feeds on fish and frogs. Chinese salamanders are naturally rare because there are few places where such a large creature can survive.

It is thin enough for oxygen to pass through, especially in the lining of the throat. Other chemicals can travel into the body through the skin, and frogs can also taste with it. It is easy for even tiny amounts of pollution to get into a frog’s body, which is another probable cause for their global decline. Sadly, it makes amphibians good biological indicators—they can alert us when a problem is developing in a habitat. Another problem facing amphibians is a deadly fungus. The chytrid fungus lives in an amphibian’s sensitive skin and makes it so sore that it can no longer move around to feed or to escape attack.

The noise of ship engines confuses marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins. They may swim up rivers by mistake or come too close to shore and get stuck as the tide rolls out. Most of them die. Manatees feed in shallow water around Florida. They are sometimes killed by tourist speedboats. Warning sign protects crossing tortoises TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS Each year many millions of animals get squashed under the wheels of vehicles. Smaller animals, such as squirrels and raccoons, are the main victims, but sometimes, larger animals are involved.

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