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By Jung Chang

Empress Dowager Cixi (1835--1908) is an important girl in chinese language historical past. She governed China for many years and taken a medieval empire into the trendy age.
At the age of 16, in a national choice for royal consorts, Cixi used to be selected as one of many emperor's a variety of concubines. whilst he died in 1861, their five-year-old son succeeded to the throne. Cixi instantaneously introduced a palace coup opposed to the regents appointed through her husband and made herself the true ruler of China--behind the throne, actually, with a silk display isolating her from her officers who have been all male.

In this groundbreaking biography, Jung Chang vividly describes how Cixi fought opposed to huge hindrances to alter China. below her the traditional nation attained nearly the entire attributes of a contemporary nation: industries, railways, electrical energy, the telegraph and a military and army with up to date weaponry. It was once she who abolished ugly punishments like "death by way of 1000 cuts" and placed an finish to foot-binding. She inaugurated women's liberation and launched into the trail to introduce parliamentary elections to China. Chang comprehensively overturns the traditional view of Cixi as a diehard conservative and vicious despot.

Cixi reigned in the course of striking occasions and needed to take care of a number of significant nationwide crises: the Taiping and Boxer rebellions, wars with France and Japan--and an invasion via 8 allied powers together with Britain, Germany, Russia and the USA. Jung Chang not just documents the Empress Dowager's behavior of family and overseas affairs, but additionally takes the reader into the depths of her superb summer season Palace and the harem of Beijing's Forbidden urban, the place she lived surrounded by way of eunuchs--one of whom she fell in love, with tragic outcomes. the realm Chang describes right here, in interesting element, turns out nearly incredible in its striking mix of the very outdated and the very new.

Based on newly on hand, ordinarily chinese language, ancient files resembling court docket documents, reliable and personal correspondence, diaries and eyewitness debts, this biography will revolutionize ancient brooding about an important interval in China's--and the world's--history. full of drama, fast moving and gripping, it truly is either a breathtaking depiction of the start of recent China and an intimate portrait of a lady: because the concubine to a monarch, because the absolute ruler of a 3rd of the world's inhabitants, and as a different stateswoman.

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