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It is an indicator of a problem, not the problem itself. Since I assume you want a cure, not just a treatment, you need to be able to tell me about your symptoms. If you can’t tell me— and far more important, if you can’t tell yourself—how you feel, you risk receiving questionable treatments from your health-care provider. I’m talking about wild pitches that inevitably get wilder and wilder. Comparison Shopping Okay, let’s pause for a moment while I convince you or reaffirm that your body is nearly perfect.

The vast macro changes didn’t register on their consciousness, and the many significant micro effects of pain abatement seemed to be quickly forgotten or severely undervalued once the hurting subsided. ” I was focusing on the big picture, the panorama of benefits. Most people were satisfied if the pain close-up went way. They wanted a successful treatment, and that’s what they got. Case closed. Move on. Many of them dropped out of the program (though overall, the percentage was single digit at worst), though they frequently returned eventually to seek our help later with other incidents of pain and dysfunction.

When they return to us, we expect to see a big change. ” as the second round of in-clinic treatment began. We’d hear the blandest of generalities come from 80 percent of our new patients. ” Huh? Run that by me again. So-so? You don’t know . . Were these the same people who could barely move ten days before? Instead of high fives or rejoicing that the pain had subsided or gone away completely after weeks and even years of suffering, they had a forgetful, guarded, almost disbelieving attitude. ” I’d glance at their original intake interviews and might note that the pain had caused severe insomnia.

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