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By Claude Grison, Vincent Escande, Jacques Biton

Reconquest of biodiversity; remediation of degraded and anthropic components, prevention of environmental healthiness hazards; eco-innovation; eco-friendly ... the present French pursuits are heavily regarding an interdisciplinary method of clinical ecology, all of which perform the predicted business renewal.

explores the weird blend of phytotechnologies tailored to toxins, ecological rehabilitation of polluted websites and enhancement of those techniques via leading edge eco-friendly chemistry, all of which give a contribution to the advance of medical priorities; financial, ecological innovation and present environmental, of biomass conversion and transition from fossil fuels to renewable.

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Nowadays, all Caledonian mines are open-pit and, prior to exploitation, the vegetation, topsoil (upper fertile layer) and other upper layers must be removed. If the techniques continue to improve, the direct ecological impacts will be significant: impacts on landscape, loss of biodiversity, release of carbon, etc. 8% of which are endemic to the island. These characteristics clearly make New Caledonia a biodiversity hotspot which must be preserved. Large-scale indirect effects are also observed: the disruption of water flows associated with soil erosion, which pollutes the lagoon (classed as a World Heritage Site) and threatens the coral reef that surrounds the island.

Amplexicaulis, D. fournieri, B. paniculata and even Beauprea gracilis and montana to select revegetation sites to which these species are adapted. Interactions between species may favor the development of a sustainable covering of vegetation and influence the performance of phytoextraction. Experiments on soils other than sterile mining soil could also be considered. 27. Encouraging results extending throughout New Caledonia The remediation of sites degraded and/or contaminated by mining activities is to be undertaken in the long term.

They grow on the highly polluted “Les Avinières” (Saint-Laurent-Le-Minier, Gard, in the south of France) site, in symbiosis with the Zn hyperaccumulator leguminous plant, A. kg-1 in zinc) [MEN 09]. 3 g·kg-1 of soil) and where the plant and microbial diversity is lowest. Being capable of growing on soils laden with heavy metals and deprived of carbon is a challenge. Under these conditions, we can assume that their carbon metabolism is based on the ED metabolic pathway, the only glucose degradation pathway alternative to the conventional glycolytic pathway.

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