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Identify: consuming for attractiveness( for ladies and males( Introducing an entire New inspiration of good looks What it's and the way you could in attaining It) <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: DavidWolfe <>Publisher: NorthAtlanticBooks

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Imagine Michelangelo lying there, on his back, on a precariously high scaffolding, amidst the chill of Italy’s winter, the paint dripping into his eyes, taking on an impossibly massive project at the youthful age of thirty-seven, because he had beauty in his soul to be shared with the world. Have you ever been fascinated with a certain subject? I am fascinated by the study of beauty and by the desire to create more beauty in the world. It is sheer fascination with this subject of diet and beauty that has driven me forward to this point through countless exotic adventures, hundreds of health seminars, chance encounters with unique individuals, all-night writing episodes, computer crashes, endless experiments, engaging research, and so much more.

Nature is always on the side of beauty. Please remember and take note of the themes alluded to throughout this book. The major theme is that physical beauty is a function of inner cleanliness; it is a function of having healthy skin, hair, nails, and internal connective tissue grown from ideal raw foods containing high concentrations of the minerals sulfur, silicon, zinc, iron, and manganese. Maintaining the proper acid/alkaline pH balance in the body is a major element of the diet and this book.

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