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By Jonathan Safran Foer

Like many younger american citizens, Jonathan Safran Foer spent a lot of his teenage and school years oscillating among enthusiastic carnivore and low vegetarian. As he turned a husband, after which a father, the ethical dimensions of consuming grew to become more and more vital to him. confronted with the chance of being not able to give an explanation for why we devour a few animals and never others, Foer got down to discover the origins of many consuming traditions and the fictions concerned with growing them.
Traveling to the darkest corners of our eating behavior, Foer increases the unstated query in the back of each fish we devour, each bird we fry, and each burger we grill. half memoir and half investigative record, consuming Animals is a publication that, within the phrases of the l. a. occasions, locations Jonathan Safran Foer “at the desk with our best philosophers.”

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