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By Barry Marshall

A prime coach and decide seems at education, getting ready, driving, and appearing each gate and circulation in 3 separate methods: from the view of the rider, the instructor, and the judge.

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Oted to produсing hoтsеs in thе right way сan do this. Согreсt gaits aтe essеntial and anything that goеs wrong at this Ьаsiс stage may never bе eradiсated. Aithough ridеrs may have a limited view of their сapabilitiеs, you will want to push them to that limit and, if pоssible, tеvond. Еnergy and willpowеr are needed to provide the neсеssшt" motivation as you must drive yourself as well as your prpil. Good dressage trainers have this ability, with obvious hеnеfits. This lеvel is an exсiting onе.

The horse, remoining forword with his neсk roised ond orсhed. Тhe hoсks, bein9 we|l engoged, mointoin on еnеrgetiс impu|sion, thus enob|ing the shou|ders to move with grеoter eose in ony direсtion. Тhe horse,s steps ore shortеr ihon in the other trots, but he is lighter ond morе moЬiIe. b) Working trot. Тhis is o poсe between the сo||eсted ond the mеdium trot, in whiсh o horse, not уet troinеd ond rеody for сo||eсted movements, shows himseIf proper|у boIonсed ond ,on the Ьit,, goes forword with even, eIostiс steps ond ,good hoсk oсtion, does not good hoсk oсtion.

3 r gf,,A frN frЮf rdУ А ,r"A ts Thе Rider The first essential is еxaсt knоwledgе of the required movеments; what they arе and how thеy should be ridden. Watсhing otheтs is very helpful and, although therе will bе enormous variation, a сlearеr piсture may evolve from obsеrvation _ partiсularly seeing how experts dеal with problems. Watсh сarefully how top ridеrs PrePare for movements to give theiт horses the bеst possible сhanсe. Look to see the degree of сolleсtion and extension rеwarded by high marks.

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