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By S. Thistlethwaite

Within the backyard of Eden, Adam and Eve have been tempted to take a chew out of an apple that promised them the "knowledge of fine and evil." this day, a sparkly apple with a chunk out of it's the image of Apple desktops. The age of the web has accelerated human wisdom, and it additionally presents much more temptation to understand greater than might be solid for us. american citizens were correct on the leading edge of the electronic revolution, and we now have felt its unsettling results in either our religions and our politics. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite argues that we lengthy to come to the innocence of the backyard of Eden and never be confronted with numerous electronic offerings. yet returning to the innocence of Eden is harmful during this sleek age and, in its place, we will be able to develop into wiser in regards to the stressed international.

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You grow up surrounded with money or the lack of it, great education or substandard education, two parents, one parent, or no parents, and so on. Some of the things that surround you are the result of other peoples’ sin and greed and narrowmindedness, like crumbling schools with poor teachers, racist attitudes that make you feel like an outsider in your own country, and dirty, substandard housing built with cheap materials that 32 DREAMING OF EDEN gives you asthma. Other things in your surroundings are products of positive efforts.

Those who are still black and white sit in the lower seating. David’s defense is to tell those assembled that it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. When the mayor becomes outraged, he turns to color and then a citizen tells everyone the whole town is in color. The film ends with three of the main characters, residents of Pleasantville, sitting on a bench and admitting that they don’t know what will happen next. All the elements of the story of the “fall” are present in this film, the desire for new knowledge, including sexual knowledge, and the inevitable problems that come about when you know too much, but they are placed in a very different context and thus the conclusions we draw from the fact that people do “mess up” end up being very different.

Then David explains how he knows about fire and how there is a wider world beyond Pleasantville. When he summarizes the plot of Huckleberry Finn, the formerly blank pages of the book fill in with words, and suddenly the whole town is rushing to the library to get books. With this new knowledge, the world of Pleasantville begins to show some color. Some people gain color from having sex, some from reading books, and others from experiencing strong feelings of love or anger. When Bud and the owner of the local corner store paint one side of city hall with brilliant colors, they are arrested 28 DREAMING OF EDEN and put on trial.

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