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Land quality variation. ~rn~ Turner and his co-workers \1977: 392) list the following qualities as characteristic of marginal and optimal lands: marginal land inundated seasonally inundated steep slopes poor native fertility long dry season erratic precipitation optimal land well-drained gentle slopes high native fertility short dry season stable precipitation The interpretation of this relationship is simple: environmental influences are at their weakest at the center of the spectrum where moderate conditions prevail.

Ritual and hence haYi~ primarily social purpose " (Brookfield 1972: 44). bronson war~ us not to construe the. category of prestation (obligatod performance) too technically, for political inducementtp production is present in less stratified as well as highl¥ stratified societies. the laborers exists may be home for production stimulated for non-subsistence purposes (I97~ 200-201). The final class of productionis production for tra~~ which like the others may -be more or less developed in/~ given society.

We must consider briefly one further point involved in our 41 Hopkins - The Highlands of Canaan conception of agricultural technology. Often "high" technology as the major parameter of agricultural also treat}t as anautonomousparameter~one (h~vE~lopeCil independently of the system into which it is then ;nT'por",,-t_fii The mechanism for the introduction of given fanning community is that of-diffusion, and importance is attributed to the cultural environment. conceptual world is well described by Philip E.

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