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The ladies interviewed in Double Burden proportion sour, very important domestic truths in addition to own triumphs. Their money owed of what it really is wish to be black and feminine in the USA simply may open a few tightly close eyes. even if many whites wishfully conceive of slavery as an lousy, yet definitely very far away, bankruptcy in U.S. background, Yannick St. Jean and Joe R. Feagin convey how powerfully its legacy has endured to play out in outright segregation and the insidious undercutting of unfavorable characterizations. Fueled via a collective reminiscence of brutality and common reminders that racism nonetheless flourishes, the well-educated, middle-class girls quoted within the e-book keep in mind being given denigrating social messages approximately their attractiveness, self esteem, sexuality, intelligence, and force. Their delight in being ingenious and prepared to face up for themselves earrings via. One girl says she retains white males at paintings from "bothering" her via threatening felony motion: "Now, what do you personal along with that pickup truck and that enormous hat and people boots you were given on?" she asks. "Because it will be mine in the event you hold fooling with me." Double Burden dips right into a deep good of anger and suspicion, and although its message will be tough to undergo, it lobs a inevitably explosive cost that blasts during the obstacles equipped up by way of daily, usually subconscious acts of racism. --Francesca Coltrera

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A] double minority. We are female and we are black, so they [white employers] can bring that in. . It's just a fact of life. If I have to hire . . if it's a principal of a school, or if it's a president of a corporation and they [are] being told, "You have to hire a minority, you have to hire more minorities," well if they hired me they have a black, they also have a female. That cuts down [on] the number that they have to bring in, doesn't it? So everything is engineered. And as far as engineering, if anything was engineered to break up the black family, isn't it easier to set the black woman up where she is more successful against the black man.

Moreover, strong images can have consequences. In a recent article, Dr. Carolyn West, a mental health professional, has examined some of the noxious clinical effects of these images on black women, including such reactions as overeating and overworking to prove themselves to a white society. 19 Fictions Created by Whites The domineering matriarch and exotic sexual player images are productions of the dominant group's fertile imagination. These biting notions are old but lastingbrilliant masterpieces of racism that capture only the top-down viewpoint on the racial-gender reality.

48-1984. BM(c) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 BM(p) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page v To Zeta Sikes, and all the other unsung African American women who have striven heroically from 1619 to the present, including our respondents. Page vii Contents Preface ix Acknowlegments xiii Chapter 1 The Lives of Black Women: Introduction and Overview 3 Harsh Representations of Black Women 5 Racial Oppression and Stigmatization of Black Women 11 Practicing Gendered Discrimination 15 Racism at Work 18 The "Beauty" of Racism 23 The Racist Past and Its Contemporary Legacies 26 Fighting Back: An Oppositional Culture 29 Voices of Black Women and Men 36 Conclusion 38 Chapter 2 Black Women at Work 40 Racial Discrimination at Work 41 White Manipulation: Using Black Women 52 Consequences of Racism at Work: Black Families 62 Conclusion 69 Chapter 3 Black Beauty in a Whitewashed World 73 Stigmatizing Black Beauty 74 Contradictions and Consequences of Stigmatization 88 Fighting Back Successfully 91 Beauty Standards and Black Men 93 Conclusion 96 Chapter 4 Common Myths and Media Images of Black Women 99 Myths About African American Women: Sexuality and Attractiveness 100 Page viii Racial-Sexual Myths and Their Origins 103 Other Media Stigmatization of Black Women 105 Media Stigmatizing of the African American Family 115 Conclusion 121 Chapter 5 Distancing White Women 123 Racial Conflict in Organizations 123 Friction with White Women in Other Settings 132 Major Differences Across the Color Line 136 Supportive White Women 142 Conclusion 148 Chapter 6 Black Families: Goals and Responses 151 The Extended Family in Black America 152 The Many Strengths of Black Families 155 Troubles in Families and Communities 170 Black Women's Hopes and Goals for Their Families 173 Conclusion 182 Chapter 7 Motherhood and Families 184 The Significance of Motherhood 185 A Sense of Control 198 Conclusion 200 Chapter 8 Finale 202 Black Women at Work 202 Concepts of Beauty 204 Media Portrayals of Black Women 205 Black and White Women 207 Black Families 207 Motherhood 209 What We've Learned 211 Notes 215 Index 229 Page ix Preface One of the famous books of the twentieth century, John F.

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