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By Clara Dillingham Pierson

Round the dooryard nest all kinds of birds, together with glints, robins, sparrows, wrens, swifts, and blackbirds. those tales exhibit many of the drama that arises within the backyard as birds pass concerning the enterprise of creating nests and elevating younger. The author's cat Silvertip figures in a few of the narratives as do a couple of different mammals and bugs. invitations youngsters to "see what percentage tiny acquaintances you may have round you, and what kind of you could find out about them." appropriate for a long time five and up.

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I'll never have another such good chance," said he. And he never did. Perhaps it was just as well, although there are times when it is not wrong to fight, and the Wrens think this would have been one. The Fir-Tree Neighbors WITH so many trees in the yard, it always seemed a little strange that three families should choose to build so close together in one. Still, it must also be remembered that there were many birds who liked to build near the big house, and thought of that yard as home. " Early in the spring a pair of English Sparrows decided to build there.

I am sorry to annoy you," said this bird, "but Mrs. " "That is all right," said the Horse, to whom one hair was a very small matter, and who dearly loved a joke. "Please tell Mrs. " exclaimed Mr. Hairbird, who ought to have seen the joke, since he was not an English Sparrow. "Oh, no, surely not! Surely your tail is not her tail. " Then he understood and hurried away, but not in time to help hearing the Horse laugh. When the white hair was woven in, the nest was done, and Mrs. Hairbird laid in it four greenish blue eggs with dark brown specks.

The Flickers went sadly to sleep, and dreamed of a land where Birds were as big as Cows and boys as small as Goldfinches—where boys were afraid of birds and hid when they saw them coming. When the morning sunshine awakened them and they had breakfasted well, Mrs. Flicker began to feel more hopeful. "I am really ashamed of myself," she said, "for being so discouraged. " exclaimed Mr. Flicker. "You are quite right. " The Bad Boy passed under the tree more than twenty times before the second lot of eggs were hatched, and he wished and wished for a Flicker's egg (only he called them High Holes, because they built in high holes).

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