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Amazing and fascinating questions and solutions from the group at the back of the foreign phenomenon Why Don’t Penguins’ toes Freeze?

The popular-science journal at the back of the runaway overseas bestsellers Why Don’t Penguins’ ft Freeze? and Does whatever consume Wasps? takes on one other impossible to resist batch of the unusual, foolish, and mind-boggling questions that plague curious minds across the world:
<UL>* Can pigeons sweat, can fish get thirsty, and will bugs get fat?* may possibly anyone devote the appropriate homicide via killing anyone the day after receiving a whole blood transfusion?* Is there the way to beat the chances of the lottery through the use of math?* How a lot mucus does a nostril produce in the course of the regular cold?* If compelled to consume elements of your self to outlive, which non-vital organs will be the so much nutritious?
Culled from New Scientist’s renowned “The final Word” column and edited by means of Mick O’Hare, the writer of How to Fossilize Your Hamster, Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? is bound to amuse and amaze up to it informs.

(And if a polar undergo seems to be lonely, it most likely skill there wasn’t sufficient walrus for dinner.)

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