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By Ben Morgan

This remarkable consultant provides the massive and numerous global of birds, from tiny South American hummingbirds to flightless Antarctic penguins.
Extraordinary images and expertly written textual content on habit, habitats, and social buildings current birds in larger aspect than younger readers have ever seen.
DK consultant to Birds is ideal for kids fascinated with animals and wanting to study even more approximately them.

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52 PENGUINS PENGUIN COLONIES Penguins breed in large colonies called rookeries, like this king penguin rookery in South Georgia. One colony of chinstrap penguins in South Sandwich Islands is said to contain over 10 million birds. Despite the crowds, each penguin finds its mate or chick by calling and listening for a reply. TOBOGGANING GROUP HUG A penguin’s feet are at the back of the body, because that’s where they work best as rudders. This arrangement means they have to stand upright on land and walk with a comical waddle.

The song of the great reed warbler consists of up to 40 different phrases. 44 STEREO SOUND THE SYRINX A bird’s voicebox, or “syrinx”, creates noise as air passes over a membrane, causing it to vibrate. It is located deep down in the bird’s throat, where the windpipe splits into two tubes going into the lungs. This arrangement MEMBRANE gives birds two chambers for making sound, which means they can sing two distinct notes at the same time. WINDPIPE Birds use these muscles to control the sound the syrinx makes.

We humans rely on our legs, but birds have the advantage of flight. Once airborne, nothing can catch a bird except another bird. But there are some situations when a quick getaway is not the best solution. Eggs and chicks can’t take to the wing – their parents must hide them or drive attackers away. And if a predator can follow its victim into the air, a bird may have no option but to fight. The frogmouth’s bright pink mouth and yellow eyes can startle a predator and make it back off. SAFETY IN NUMBERS For many birds, flocking together is the first line of defence, and reduces the risk of attack for each individual bird.

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