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Some time passed--or maybe it didn't. From the corner of my eye I saw movement. A panel slid into position to my left. It was dark green, glassy. Another appeared on my right. One of the men entered my field of vision, carrying a three-by-six sheet of thin material. He stood it on end; it stood by itself in mid-air without support. He pushed it in front of me and closed off my view. Light showed at its edges; then it snapped into place and left me in a darkness like the inside of a paint can. With the visual reference gone, I lost my sense of orientation.

Of course. At infinity all lines converge at a point. " Mellia asked. Agent Gayl shook her head. "I tried; it's fruitless. " "Still--" "She's right," I said. "There'll be nothing for us there. We need another approach. " "Perhaps--if one were technically trained," the old Mellia said vaguely. " "We can recharge our personal fields," I said, and felt a sudden change in the atmosphere. So did Mellia--both of her. The screen _flick-flick-flicked_ and died. The indicator lights faded, all across the panels.

I won't do anything without conferring with you first. " She spent the next hour giving me a fast, sketchy, but graphic briefing on the art of analog-potential interpretation; I listened as fast as I could. The A-P theory was news to me, but I was accustomed to working with complex chronic gear. I began to get some idea of what the equipment was for. "I get the feeling that your version of Nexx Central operates a lot farther out in the theoretical boondocks than the one I know," I said. " "Of course, what I'm accustomed to is much less advanced than this," Mellia said.

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