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By John Malam

Keep on with the main notable episode in prehistory during this all-in-one compendium of every thing dinosaur. This quantity marries the very most modern in paleontology with an simply obtainable atlas layout to light up the mysteries of dinosaur origins, clues to what they appeared like and the place they lived, and, so much intriguingly, what occurred to them. In shiny recreations of the prehistoric international and engaging see-through overlays that includes three-D special effects of skeletal buildings, DK's Dinosaur Atlas brings dinosaurs to existence! writer BIO: Dougal Dixon has written many kid's books and encyclopedias. He has participated in a couple of around the world dinosaur excavations, and in 1993 was once provided the prestigious success Award for Excellence in academic Journalism by means of the academic Press organization of the USA.

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53 europe Oak, maple, walnut, and beech trees grew alongside conifers, tree ferns, and cycads. The climate was warm throughout the year. 4 One of the last of the iguanodonts, Rhabdodon was about half the size of ancestors like Iguanodon. Its bones show that it took about 16 years to grow to full adult size.  RHABDODON 2 / - ! ) ! RAD 3%2" In the late cretaceous period, about 75 million years ago, the Ha†eg Basin area of western Romania was an island in the Tethys Sea. Several dinosaur families lived on the island, including titanosaurs, hadrosaurs, ankylosaurs, and iguanodonts.

Four toes with hooflike nails u CAMARASAURUS A member of the sauropod group, Camarasaurus lived on a diet of soft plants, twigs, and branches. Its fossils occur in the Beira Litoral region of Portugal, where a Jurassic woodland was its home. , footprints Dinosaur footprints have been found at more than 50 locations in Portugal. Some are isolated impressions, like this sauropod footprint, but others are long trackways that preserve part of the route a dinosaur took as it walked or ran over soft ground.

A small-sized meateater, Chindesaurus had long hind legs, indicating that it was probably a fast mover. It is known from a partial single specimen, collected at Chinde Point in Petrified Forest National Park. AVAJO #HINDE0OINT In northeastern arizona there is a remarkable site from the Late Triassic. About 220 million years ago, a great forest of conifer trees grew somewhere in this area. In times of flood many were uprooted, carried along by the water, and piled up in heaps on the land, where they were slowly fossilized.

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