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- Grade-appropriate textual content with a standard of eighty five phrases in step with two-page spread
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Back then, attitudes to life and death were very different. Families were larger, and it was a sad fact of life that due to epidemic diseases, bad sanitary provision and lack of affordable medical care, many did not make it to maturity. Widowhood and mourning black were the order of the day for numberless people for much of their lives. Before the Temperance Movement took off in Norfolk, from about the 1880s, the local pub was the focal point of any village celebration, holiday or entertainment.

Note: all the photographs and illustrations are from the author’s collection unless otherwise credited. All the modern photographs of murder sites, localities and gravestones have been specially taken by the author for this book in 2005 and 2006. A broadsheet sold at the execution of James Rush, 21 April 1849. INTRODUCTION Norfolk is one of England’s five largest counties. An extensive outland of agrarian fields stretching from the eastern flank of Britain, almost half of the county is bounded by sea.

Mind you, the path to temperance or ‘blue ribboning’ was not a smooth one: both men and women of the ‘rough order’ took exception to what they considered meddlesome interference by organisations like the Salvation Army (or as they called them, ‘The Skeleton Army’), pelting them with whatever came to hand in the gutter as they paraded. Hence, the early bonnets worn by female Salvationists were more for protection than uniform appearance! In those days, men spent most of their spare time in pubs, perhaps taking part in pub sporting events such as skittles or quoits: but it still meant they were drinking.

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