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Teachers Parents Peers All of the above Answer D: All of the above Children develop oral language by listening to others. This includes listening to teachers, parents, and peers. 4. Which of the following skills have a reciprocal relationship? 4) A. B. C. D. Reading and phonics Writing and phonics Reading and writing Reading and comprehension Answer A: Reading and writing Often teachers will see a reciprocal relationship between reading and writing skills. As students are able to read sounds, they will notice these same sounds showing up in students writing.

What question would it be most important for a teacher to ask when deciding if a book will be appropriate for classroom use? 3) A. A. 60. Which part of a map shows the relationship between a unit of measurement on the map versus the real world measure on the Earth? 6) Do the characters provide positive role models for children? Is the setting of the book modern? Will every student in the class be interested in the subject of the book? Scale B. Title C. Legend D. Grid 61. Which of the following describes how citizens are able to directly participate in their own government by voting for and running for office?

Head Start Programs were created in what decade? 1) All students must be fully included in classroom activities. 110. What does the Multiple Intelligence Theory developed by Howard Gardner explain? 1) A. How the intelligence of students depends on the environment B. How the intelligence of students constantly change C. How students have different levels of overall intelligence D. How students learn in at least seven different ways EARLY CHILDHOOD 25 A. 1970’s B. 1990’s C. 1980’s D. 1960’s TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE 115.

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