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By Robert Hoekman Jr.

Designing the most obvious belongs within the toolbox of each individual charged with the layout and improvement of Web-based software program, from the CEO to the programming staff. Designing the visible explores the nature qualities of serious internet purposes and makes use of them as guiding rules of program layout so the outcome of each undertaking instills patron delight and loyalty. those rules comprise development in simple terms whats useful, getting clients as much as velocity quick, fighting and dealing with error, and designing for the job. Designing the Obvious doesn't supply a one-size-fits-all improvement process--in truth, it allows you to use no matter what procedure you love. in its place, it deals sensible recommendation approximately tips on how to in achieving the characteristics of serious Web-based functions and continually and effectively reproduce them.

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And no, it's not nearly as complicated as you might think. We just need to start designing the obvious . At this point in Web history, there are quite a few really great applications out there. Sure, they all have their own problems, but overall, many of them are swell. And we can learn from them. Backpack, Blinksale, DropSend, Google Page Creator, Blogger, and many others are all excellent examples of how Web applications can be made simple, effective, and most of all, obvious . Throughout this book, we'll look at the qualities that make applications like these so great, and discover how to create them in our own applications so our users can at last reach Web bliss.

You certainly don't want your users thinking you're stealthily finding ways to make them homeless for the holidays. Next, follow them around and see what it is they do and how they do it. Take notes using a notepad and a pen. Although it's ridiculously low tech, it's still the best way to write quick notes when you're running around. Ask questions, but not so many that you become a major distraction. Just ask simple questions to clarify anything that isn't perfectly clear. As you're doing all this, quietly think of all the ways a good application could eliminate Redundant Task A, Annoying Task B, and I Hate This Part of My Job Task C.

Later, however, we'll talk about the benefits of largely ignoring users and focusing your design efforts on supporting a specific activity. Understand How Users Think They Do Things A few weeks ago, I heard an interesting story that did a nice job of revealing the differences between how people think they act and how they actually act. The story was about a new sandwich from a fast-food restaurant. See, the marketers did lots of research before releasing the idea upon the public. They asked a bunch of people if they would find appealing the idea of ordering a low-carb version of their hottest-selling cheeseburger.

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