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By Kanti K. Mahajan

The layout of method apparatus, equivalent to shell-and-tube warmth exchangers, strain vessels, and garage tanks, calls for a familiarity with a number of assets of layout information and strategies. the aim of this publication is to consolidate the scattered literature and current the fabric in simplified shape in order that it may be simply utilized to layout difficulties. commonplace examples were incorporated to demonstrate the applying of the relationships and systems offered within the textual content. hence, the clothier should still locate this ebook to be a handy and helpful reference. The layout of technique apparatus comprises eighty illustrations and tables.

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K. Since St > S^, SOLUTION llclcr to Figure and design steps on ring flange design calculation sheet. K. K. Additionaldesired thickness for raised face, counterbore, tongue or groove should be added to the calculated thickness r to obtain the final total thickness ofthe flange. ln the above example we added rt in. to the thickness ofeach flange for counterbore. The toral final thicknesses and the arrangement ofuse ofabove designed flanges is shown in the Fig. 10. 96 140 psi Sr:25,000 S":25,000 Psi Psi sr,: 17,500 psi Sr' l7'500 Psi : Allowing I in.

0. e independent flange. AN(;li Drisl(;N t. Calculating Slrcsscs Operating Condition \.. K. 500 psi o K. K. Fis. K Design a ring flange to be used on a 60 in. , A-240-TP304L ylinder designed for 140 psi at 425"F. The cylinder is I in. thick and no ,rrlrosion allowance is allowed. Assume TP-304jacketed asbestos filled |ilsket and use an A-105 flange with A-193-87 bolts. Allow *3 in. for , otrnterbore and in. for TP-304L overlay. K. Since St > S^, SOLUTION llclcr to Figure and design steps on ring flange design calculation sheet.

The 4l in. D. F is built ofI in. thick A_515_70 piate inclusive offin. corrosion allowance. Theshell sideflangeis to be welded to a 41 in. D. x 75 in. LD. F. The cone consists of l; in. thick 4_515_20 plate inclusive of$ in. corrosion allowance. 5625 in. 25 in. 125 in. 4375 in. 6875 in. :Greareror'## in. dia. bolts. 5 in. 125 in. 125 io. 37 s in. 1, in. dia. 4088in. , therefore (48)lI in. dia. bolts are adequate. 8 lb Therefore, the flange can be designed as an integral type as shown in Fig. la- Now assune (48) 1| in.

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