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By Kee Joo Kim, Si-Tae Won, Kyung Shik Kim (auth.), Andreas Öchsner, Lucas F. M. da Silva, Holm Altenbach (eds.)

The proposal of this monograph is to provide the most recent effects concerning layout and research of fabrics and engineering buildings. The contributions hide the sector of mechanical and civil engineering, starting from car to block layout, transmission towers and as much as computer layout and exmaples taken from oil undefined. popular specialists current their study on harm and fracture of fabric and buildings, fabrics modelling and evaluate as much as photograph processing and visualization for complicated analyses and evaluation

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Lett. 24, 2345–2356 (2003) 16. : Wide-area motion imagery. IEEE Signal Process. Mag. 27, 56–65 (2010) 17. : The Electrical Engineering Handbook. CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton (2000) 18. : A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing, 2nd edn. edn. Academic Press, New York (1999) 19. : Signals and Systems Primer with Matlab.

34 I. Kuzmanic´ and I. Vujovic´ Fig. 5 a Recorded CD, b CD’s surface magnified by 4x, c CD’s surface magnified by 10x, d CD’s surface magnified by 40x 4 Conclusion Integrating the awareness of the degradation of materials is of great importance for the preparation of students for the performance of maintenance duties or designing of technical products. Three examples of mechanical causes of electrical failure are shown in the chapter. Examples are electrical insulator (paper), conductor (metal) and optical storage (CD’s surface material, such as SbyGe1-yOx).

Energy calculation – 2g. Inverse 2D-LWT In step 2, which is, actually, proposed pre-filtering, LR image sequence (with N frames) is transformed by 2D-LWT using two different wavelets (marked as wav1 I. Kuzmanic´ et al. 46 and wav2 in expressions). 2D-LWT is performed on each frame separately. Then, the average of all results is taken: pf1 ¼ N 1X coefiwav1 N i¼1 ð20Þ pf2 ¼ N 1X coefiwav2 N i¼1 ð21Þ To obtain the energy equivalence, Eq. (22) is performed: pf ¼ pf12 þ pf22 maxðpf12 þ pf22 Þ ð22Þ 3.

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