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The Daliyya Formation overlies the Muhraqa Formation and is overlain by limestones of the Umm e Zinat Formation (Kashai, 1966). The section belongs to the middle Turonian upper H. helvetica foraminiferal zone and the UC-6 ostracode zone. 0%. 34 layering (Tirelli-7, 617-621 m). (d) Dark calcilutite rich in organic matter. The matrix is made up of weakly orientated particles derived from the platform. Minute quartz grains are present. Plankton include some Pithonella and foraminiferal tests (mainly Hedbergella sp.

Pearson, M. , and D. Watkins, 1983, Organofacies and early maturation effects in upper Jurassic sediments from the Inner Moray Firth Basin, North Sea, in J. , Petroleum geochemistry and exploration of Europe: Geological Society of London Special Publication 12, p. 147-160. Powell, T. , 1985, Palaeogeographic implications for the distribution of Upper Jurassic source beds: Offshore eastern Canada: Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, v. 33, p. 116-119. Rawson, P. , and L. A. Riley, 1982, Latest Jurassic-Early Cretaceous events and the "Late Cimmerian Unconformity" in North Sea area: AAPG Bulletin, v.

The intermediate and "deeper" species of Marginotruncana and Helvetoglobotruncana did not disappear completely under oxygen-poor conditions. They are present as smaller forms with a diminutive last chamber, a low average number of chambers in the last coil, and poorly calcified tests (or without calcareous shells). In Tirelli-7 the few Marginotruncana recovered also showed poorly calcified tests. IMPLICATIONS FOR OIL EXPLORATION This study has shown that organic-rich marls and shales are commonly present within the Cenomanian-Turonian Daliyya Formation.

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