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Neither weeping nor displaying any signs of mourning, h e summoned Sawdji his brother, pretending that he was being summoned by their father to discuss more effective tactics. Sawdji, ignorant of what had happened, came willingly t o see 61 Doukas his father, but was seized by his brother, who gouged out his eyes. " 4. Bayazid was acclaimed ruler of the Turks. He was a feared man, precipitate in deeds of war, a persecutor of Christians as no other around him, and in the religion of the Arabs a most ardent disciple of Muhammad,22 whose unlawful commandments were observed t o the utmost, never sleeping, spending his nights contriving intrigues and machinations against the rational flock of Christ.

Do you not know that his father looked upon me and watched over me and loved me as a true brother and that often he charged me with the care of the government and shared it with me? Am I not the most eminent of the illustrious and renowned nobility who have acquired much wealth? Am I not the most valorous among the generals? Why do you despise me? Why, your own troops are a race of low birth, haif-Turkish and h a l f - G ~ e k ! ~Why l then have I come, O citizens? To do injustice to no man but rather to set matters right.

Ast itito the grave. When ten or more men occupied 0 1 1 ~gravc tiicly rliçl not fill it in with earth, but covered it first with plailks n t j c t tlictl 89 Decline and Fall o f Byzantium Doukas threw earth over the planks SO that the prisoners would not suffocate quickly and give up the ghost. Such was the torture that the Scythian devised ! After he had completely destroyed the city, he went to the region of Phoenicia and, advancing as far as Damascus, burned and pillaged and seized countless riches and many captives.

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