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India never had had illusions of worldly grandeur. Relatively rich but ineffective, Persia had been the prey of all. Although Islam's power remained supreme until well into the sixteenth century, it had eventually been forced to assume a defensive role. The only group of people to have entertained thoughts of world conquest were those occupying the western tip of Eurasia - the Europeans. The true importance of the Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian mariners - Columbus and the rest- who in the I soos began to raise a curtain on parts of the world that few Europeans had seen before, was that they were the forerunners of a movement that would eventually establish European hegemony.

India's contribution to calculation on a system of nine digits and a zero (the latter thought to be of Arabic origin) has affected the whole world. Progress made in the sciences in the Indian subcontinent benefited the universities of medieval Europe. The twelfth-century diffusion of Indian crops to China, including cotton, WORLD ENCOUNTER BEFORE I763 23 sorghum, green lentils, and new varieties of rice is said to have caused a minor revolution in Chinese agriculture. Militarily, however, India has been the anvil and not the hammer of history.

Although their leader Osman (or Uthman after whom the dynasty was named) had died in IJ26, by I354 the Star and Crescent had been carried across the Hellespont and had been planted on Balkan soil in Gallipoli. Henceforth, Ottoman dynastic rule rapidly spread throughout Thrace. In I 362 the Turks took Adrianople. They now controlled the route from Constantinople to Belgrade. By I430, despite the fact that they had been attacked from the rear by the Mongol Timur, they had taken Salonika. The capture by Mohammed 11, 'the Conqueror' (I45I-8I), on 29 May I453 of the now-isolated ancient Byzantium imperial city of Constantinople, which dominated the straits separating Europe from Asia, gave the Turks undisputed control of the Black Sea.

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