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Within the Petticoat Affair, prize-winning historian John F. Marszalek bargains the 1st in--depth research of the earliest -- and maybe maximum -- political intercourse scandal in American background. in the course of Andrew Jackson's first time period in workplace, Margaret Eaton, the spouse of Secretary of nation John Henry Eaton, was once branded a "loose lady" for her unconventional public existence.

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The original [87] D. H, LAWRENCE small mines "scarcely soiled" the brook that ran by Hell Row. Power was provided by donkeys. They were ancient mines, and men and animals and the mines themselves formed a continuous part of the life of nature: "And all over the countryside were these same pits, some of which had been worked in the time of Charles II, the few colliers and the donkeys burrowing down like ants into the earth, making queer mounds and little black places among the com-fields and the meadows" (Chap.

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