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By C. Barner-Barry

This ebook explores the felony bias within the usa opposed to Paganism and different non-Christian religions. regardless of being essentially the most religiously different nations on this planet, the U.S. criminal process constructed whilst the inhabitants used to be predominantly Christian. equipped into the legislations is the tacit assumption that each one religions and non secular practices resemble Christianity. utilizing the Pagans as a case examine, Barner-Barry exhibits how their reports display that either the legislation affecting nondominant religions and the judiciary that translates this legislation are considerably biased in desire of the dominant faith, Christianity. This creates felony difficulties, in addition to difficulties of intolerance, for religions with considerably various practices. targeted recognition is given to a sequence of ultimate courtroom judgements examining the liberty of faith Clause by way of neutrality and studying the institution Clause loosely and its impression on nondominant religions within the US.

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There are those, notably Aidan A. Kelly (1991), who claim to have demonstrated by historical research that modern Witchcraft, is a twentiethcentury invention. The scholar, Ronald Hutton, in his 1999 book, The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft, weighs the evidence carefully and concludes that contemporary Witchcraft is probably a twentieth-century phenomenon that draws on esoteric traditions dating back farther, but not to some ancient religion (also see Orion,1995). He does, however, leave open the possibility that some who claim to practice a religion handed down through their families may actually be practicing a very old Pagan religion.

110 S. Ct. 1595, 1613). In concurring with the majority’s result, Justice O’Connor used the Sherbert test and found the interest of Oregon in criminalizing the use of peyote compelling enough to trump the burden it placed on the Native Americans’ religious practice. The dissenters essentially agreed with Justice O’Connor’s defense of the Sherbert test and her concerns about the impact of facially neutral laws. In addition, they concluded that “Oregon’s interest in enforcing its drug laws against religious use of peyote is not sufficiently compelling to outweigh respondent’s right to the free exercise of their religion” (110 S.

For example, John Rowan (1987, 1991) sees the Horned God as the most satisfactory spiritual way for males to respond to nature and the human condition. Rowan defines patriarchy as “a form of hierarchy, arranged . . ” God is at the top, followed by men, women, children, animals, plants and, on the bottom, earth. He sees patriarchy as harmful to all, because “the intellect and the dominating, controlling, aggressive tendencies within each individual are given sway. This results in a society dominated by violence, exploitation, a reverence for the scientific and a systematic rape of nature for man’s benefit” (1991, 4).

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