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Therefore, saturated fluorocarbons are more chemically and thermally stable than their corresponding hydrocarbon counterparts. However, fluoroalkanes are not inert. They are susceptible to reduction through the Birch reduction. Tetrafluoroethylene, an important reactant Fluoroalkene and fluoroalkyne reactivity When fluorocarbons are unsaturated, they are less stable and more reactive than fluoroalkanes, or comparable hydrocarbons, due to the electronegativity of fluorine. The reactivity of the simplest fluoroalkyne, difluoroacetylene, is an example of this instability; difluoroacetylene easily polymerizes.

Hydrogen iodide at 300 °C produces uranium(III) iodide. Ammonia at 250 °C produces uranium(III) nitride. Hydrogen sulfide at 400 °C produces uranium(IV) sulfide. Oxygen at 20 °C produces triuranium octoxide. Water at 350 °C produces uranium dioxide. Uranium hydride ion may interfere with some mass spectrometry measurements, appearing as a peak at mass 239, creating false increase of signal for plutonium-239. 97 g/cm3 2865 °C (3140 K) insoluble Structure Fluorite (cubic), cF12 Fm3m, No. 225 Tetrahedral (O2–); cubic (UIV) Hazards MSDS EU Index ICSC 1251 092-002-00-3 Very toxic (T+) EU classification Dangerous for the environment (N) R-phrases R26/28, R33, R51/53 S-phrases (S1/2), S20/21, S45, S61 Flash point Non-flammable Related compounds Triuranium octoxide Related uranium oxides Uranium trioxide Uranium dioxide or uranium(IV) oxide (UO2), also known as urania or uranous oxide, is an oxide of uranium, and is a black, radioactive, crystalline powder that naturally occurs in the mineral uraninite.

Another investigated application is in photoelectrochemical cells, for solar-assisted hydrogen production. UO2 is used as a photoanode. In earlier times it was also used as heat conductor for current limitation ( URDOXresistor), which was the first use of its semiconductor properties. Semiconductor properties Uranium dioxide is a semiconductor material. 3 eV, which lies between the band gap for silicon and gallium arsenide, near the optimum for efficiency vs band gap curve for absorption of solar radiation, suggesting its possible use for very efficient solar cells based on Schottky diode structure; it also absorbs at five different wavelengths, including infrared, further enhancing its efficiency.

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