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By Cane Deirdre Johns

Beginning up the load room to every body, this hands-on guide reps and "getting ripped" covers weight-training machines, damage prevention, supplementations, and masses extra. unique.

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Slowly return the leg to the bent position with your foot on the floor. Repeat with the left leg. Repeat five times initially, increasing by one repetition per week. 5. Lying Thrust Kick. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift both of your feet off the floor and 47 48 Playing Through Arthritis straighten your right leg. Hold for three seconds, then return the right leg to its starting position. Repeat with the left leg and do as many times as possible, although only three to five repetitions may be possible at first.

Joe is a twenty-seven-year-old accountant who spends the majority of his time sitting behind his desk. He likes to play softball on weekends and sometimes plays racquetball during the week. One day, while swinging his softball bat he noticed a twinge in his lower back, which developed into severe pain over the next couple of days. He started on a program of gentle stretching and strengthening with the exercises described on pages 20–22. He began to notice improvement almost immediately: decreased pain and increased flexibility.

It also reviews the types of exercises available and explains why a combination of the types of exercises is essential for joint and general health. Types of General If you have not been physiExercise cally active for a long time, take care not to overdo it. One rule is Joint flexibility and range to start low and go slow. If it of motion hurts too much, you are not Muscle strength and likely to keep doing it. If you are endurance able to walk only one block, then Aerobic exercise walk only one block.

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