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By Henk van Koningsveld

This compendium describes all recognized zeolite framework varieties. the 1st half provides a pictorial description of the way the framework will be equipped utilizing periodic construction devices (PerBUs). The PerBUs are equipped from smaller devices composed of a restricted variety of T-atoms (such as Si, Al, P, Ga, B, Be etc.) by means of utilising basic operation(s) to the smaller unit, e.g. translation, rotation. The zeolite framework varieties are analysed when it comes to those part PerBUs. the second one half covers the bigger cages, cavities and/or channels within the zeolite framework including the framework style codes (FTCs) within which they seem. moreover, appendices are incorporated for easy-referencing. appendices are further. the 1st giving a survey of cages as sort features with their FTCs. the second one summarizing these channels and cavities that seem in additional than one framework type.The Compendium of Zeolite Framework forms comprises complementary info to the information within the "Atlas of Zeolite Framework varieties" (Baerlocher et al (2001) Elsevier, London). The latter comprises the topological symmetry, unit phone info and pore dimensions.

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The stacking sequence is given. In the perspective drawing, each PerBU is represented by one 6-ring only. 35 Cage/Channel AFX 3. Channels and/or cages The two types of cavities are depicted in Figure 3. AFX can be built from gmel cavities alone (see also GME). The gmel cavity is also present in GME, AFT, EAB, EON, MAZ and OFF. The aft cavity is also found in AFT. gmel cavity {2 {2 [496283] <100> (8-ring)} aft cavity <100> (8-ring)} [4156289] Fig. 3. Cavities viewed along Ͻ120Ͼ (left and middle).

AFI can also be built from [65]-cages as can be seen from Figure 2. ) {1 [612122/2] [001] (12-ring)} c Fig. 3. Channel viewed perpendicular to the channel axis (left) and along the channel axis (right). 24 AFN Building Scheme 1. Periodic Building Unit AFN can be built using T8-units composed of three fused 4-rings (bold in Figure 1). T8-units, related along a by a rotation of 180° about b, are connected through (fused) 4-rings into chains along a. The two-dimensional PerBU is obtained when neighboring chains, related along c by pure translations, are connected along c through single T–T bonds into the ac layer depicted in Figure 1.

2. Connection mode and unit cell content viewed along a. For clarity, only 1ᎏ12ᎏ repeat unit along a of each PerBU is drawn. 45 APD Cage/Channel 3. Channels and/or cages Pairs of interconnecting 8-ring channels are parallel to a. One channel and pairs of interconnecting channels are depicted in Figure 3. {1 [42648282/2] [100] (8-ring)} c c b a c c a b Fig. 3. Top: 8-ring channel viewed perpendicular to the channel axis (left) and along the channel axis (right). Bottom: pairs of interconnecting channels viewed along b (left) and along a (right).

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