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Among other steppe peoples whose ethnolinguistic identity was predominantly Indo-European. The most notable of these were the Scythians, as the Greeks called them (Sakas to the Iranians), who developed adaptations to the steppe environment that endured for 2,000 years. The   105 y AS a R AN . Nishapur Herat I R Q A Baghdad Isfahan Jerusalem Cairo TA BASIN R. Karakorum MONG KHANATE RIM e Ke Ulaanbaatar k Or MANCHURIA OLIA EMPIRE of the GREAT KHAN (YUAN) ORDOS Dadu (Beijing) R. Y Balkh K EA OR KHOR Bukhara Samarkand Merv K .

E. Although these animals, especially sheep, were most significant for making the arid zones economically productive, a second wave of innovation in the steppes had greater significance for mobility and warfare. E. in the   the turks in world history steppes between the present-day Ukraine and the Russian-Kazakh border, subsequently spreading from there. 7 Developing techniques to take advantage of the milk, wool, and traction power of the animals increased the versatility of the region’s peoples, enabling them to expand as pastoral nomads into zones too arid for agriculture.

E. in the transitional zone between Iran and Central Asia (today’s Turkmenistan). Showing that art has no borders, the design of the carpet features motifs common in Iran and Central Asia. Among other reasons for believing that the carpet was woven far from where it was found, panels depicting horses and riders show blankets on the horses’ backs but no saddles: the Pazyryk people already used saddles, unlike peoples further west. The carpet was woven with a type of knot that is now considered distinctively   the turks in world history Turkish and is called the Gördes knot, after a town in Turkey.

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